The space where sisterhood and brotherhood echo

        Junko Kurahachi, Volunteer

The KAPATIRAN Fiesta bazaar is a space where sisterhood and brotherhood echo, just like in the name, KAPATIRAN. On the previous day, the KAPATIRAN staff and we volunteer staff who love KAPATIRAN worked together preparing for the bazaar, hoping that the Filipinos who were to join in the bazaar would feel happy.  Filipinos like Japanese traditional tableware which the Japanese are not interested in any more.  Recalling their smiles gave us energy as we prepared. Finishing our preparations we went home, praying: “may the rain stop by 11 o’clock when the bazaar starts.”

On the day of bazaar, the rain stopped by 11.  Our prayer had been heard.

During three hours from 11, the tableware counter became the space where warm dialogue, such as this one below, echoed.

   Filipino: “Hello, something Japanese? I want to give it to my Filipino family.”

   I      : “How about this? You can use it for any food.”

   Filipino: “I see, how much?”

   I      : “500 yen.”

   Filipino: “500 yen!? Give it me for 400 yen!”

   I      : “This is very good quality, you know.”

   Filipino: “Of course I know. But I also want to buy things for my other friends. So, 400 yen, please.”

   I      : “O.K. 400 yen.”

   Filipino: “(beaming with joy) Thank you.”

   I     : “Thank YOU. Come back again, please.”

  The same people came back again and again, repeating, “Something Japanese for my friends?”  At the end, they went home holding armfuls of huge bags of presents with smiles all over their faces.

  Seeing them reminded me of David who gave everything to God: “for all things come of thee, and of thine own have we given thee.”(Ⅰ Chronicles 29: 14)  Thanks to the Lord.

Kapatiran Fiesta

Fumiko Miyazaki, Volunteer

The word “Kapatiran” means “sisterhood” or “brotherhood”. I think that the Kapatiran Fiesta is an event that demonstrates the kapatiran spirit.

It was filled with joy of Filipinos and Japanese working together, and particularly with the joy of having members of different churches meet once a year in St Andrew’s  Hall.

  At the bazaar, some people searched for items for friends who have been having a hard time because of the earthquake and tsunami. Others wanted to buy something  Japanese for people in their home country. We tried our best to meet their requests.

We were so happy to meet the expectations of the customers, we had big smiles and a feeling of relief.

  At the same time, this gathering is also a good opportunity to reconfirm the work of Kapatiran, which includes many things. I think I’ll take on these problems, think deeply about them and support Kapatiran. Until the day that Kapatiran is no longer needed, I want to be a friend of Kapatiran.